Turn Your Clicks To Dollars
Instead of Pennies
Once You Know Where

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Yikes! Ed overdelivers again! Another game-changer! Loaded with information, I mean super-loaded. The bonuses then multiply the value by magnitudes. Don't miss out!

Thanks! Wow!
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Thanks plenty of resources long to read.

I don't know about you but I am tired of not making money with Adsense

Let me ask:

  • Are you frustrated with the "Good Old Days of Adsense", Being Long Gone

  • Do you feel betrayed with how Google has treated you as a publisher for Adsense

  • Did you make decent money for clicks and now "Smart Pricing" for the content network your dollars are now pennies

  • Maybe you lost your Adsense account without just cause, this happen to many people who had money due to them and Google Took Your Money

  • Are you tired with the lack of transparency Google provides for Adsense publishers, what are they really paying a publisher for promoting Adsense
The fact is, you have no control over what happens to you with Adsense, with your money and your time especially if you become one of the victims.

Sad fact is people still believe that Google Adsense is the simplest way to earn money online. Even with all the bad news about Adsense, eBooks are still being pimped promising false hope.

It doesn't have to be this way.

You either take control for yourself or you let others control you.

Here’s what I have to offer.

If you have made any money with Adsense, then you can do this with any monetization method. Why trade pennies for dollars with Adsense. When so many other alternatives exist.

Many website owners are redefining how webpages are making money using alternate money making programs to generate money and making far more than what Google Adsense can give you.

It's exactly why I started using alternative methods for making money with my webpages.

I myself still had a few sites up carrying Adsense, and got tired seeing these sites getting click after click with zero earnings. Well the only conclusion I had for this was “Smart Pricing” if the advertiser is only paying a penny a click guess who gets the penny.

How can anyone make money this way?

I am not the only one who is experiencing this decrease in Adsense revenue and I am sure you are also.

Here’s Why What I Am Offering Is Right For You.

Lets first start off Adsense is not a business, its a money maker.

  • You are going to be better equipped to leverage the Internet as a marketing channel and build a real business using Adsense Alternatives.
  • You are going to be able to build a business and own the relationship, which Adsense never allowed you to do.
    In order to build a business you need clients and profits. Adsense never allowed you to do this, they got all the clients and in returned gave you a few pennies for all your work.
  • You are going to use what you learned from Adsense about getting higher click thru rates, positioning offers on a web page, and using what worked real well that is banned by Adsense today to make money. The Good Old Days are Back.
  • You are finally going to be free of the Adsense Crack and grow your business.
Here Are Some Questions You May Have.

What am I getting?

You will receive a list of 44 money making resources that are dying to place advertising on your webpages for more money than what Adsense can ever pay you.

Never before could these resources compete with Adsense until Google made the biggest blunder of “SMART PRICING” which meant pennies to you and dollars to Google.

No more take what Adsense serves you, get to choose programs that pay you dollars without the restrictions and threats of a Adsense Account.

How hard is this to do?

Anyone can do this, many of the services can manage this for you if you choose.

Some of the services all you need to do is paste a simple piece of code, very similar to Adsense in setup.

Will this make me more money?

This will require you to do a little more work up front with selections of offers that meet the theme of your webpages, but you will make more money for your efforts.

You know up front what they pay and you pick and choose the offers you want to display. Some programs you can elect to let them do this for you.

If you receive traffic to your webpages then, Advertising is Advertising, if Adsense worked for you in the past these resources will work for you now.

Just remember Adsense pays you pennies many of these programs are paying you dollars. So it takes much fewer clicks to your ads to exceed what Adsense pays you today.

What other benefits are there?

The biggest benefit is what worked with Adsense, works with these resources, you are already trained.

You can even use image incentives and other tricks which are now banned by Adsense from the Good Old Days.

You will also be able to grow a list with many of these programs, which you could not do with Adsense.

I also include where to download a very little known piece of software that will manage your ad campaigns, many of the power players in the advertising game are using this software and I see very little written about this.

Best Of All No More Big Brother Stealing Your Money.

Here’s What To Do Now.

Click The Buy Now Link For $15 And Receive The Instant Download For The Adsense In The Crapper



4 Additional Money Making Resources Plus

  • Writing for Dollars

  • Affiliate Resources

  • What Else Makes Money Resource

  • Plus the Affiliate Resource Bible which sold as a WSO for $35

  • Free software download to manage your ad campaigns – You will be able to track what works and which campaigns to change that multiply your profits.
All Together You Will Have Over Several 100 Make Money Resources So You Never Have To Rely On Google Nonsense.