Never Have Enough Backlinks
Do It With A Push Of A Button

Here is what I have for you this is not going to be a long fancy sales letter.

We all need to generate backlinks to our websites to get top listings in Google.

  • Problem is most times its a pain in the a%% without automation.
  • The other factor for some is the cost to buy automated tools.

Well I have a solution for both.

Just recently I was introduced to iMacros the free Firefox addon that can just about automate anything in your business.

For some of you programming is not an option, so we have this taken care of this for you.

Here is a video to show what this is about and how fast and easy it is to use a macro from iMacros.

I think this will be the most useful tool in your arsenal while dominating niches for creating one way back links. The Macros are a big time savers and they are quite easy to understand. WIth a little bit of practice, you can master and customize them for your other projects too. For a long time I was contemplating on trying my hands on IMacro but some how the technicalities of the issues stopped me. However, after using this product I feel confident enough to explore more possible use of iMacros. This is the most effective social bookmark submitter better than any other available paid software as you have full control over its code. Highly recommended.

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I buy almost EVERYTHING Sparrow puts out and were friends.
This is the truth and I have never been let down by anything Sparrow puts out. I highly recommend this and didn't think twice. I've been a fan for a long time. We met through the forum and ever since I've been buying all his stuff.

Your friend and loyal fan,


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Don and I have put strings of macro together before and I can tell anyone that is reading this that this is worth WAY more.

Just the fact that the macros to create the accts is included here should be a no-brainer for anyone that has to do any bookmarking at all.
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just my first setup of accounts and the submission were faster than I could have done myself.

Now I should be able to submit all 36 in about 10 minutes or so each time I want to do a submission. Great job Ed
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This is a no brainer for me. Just what I was looking for.


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Just finished using the macros. All I could think of was how much time I was saving! Awesome tool at a bargain price! I'll be getting the second automate macros later on.


Here is what you will receive.

  • 36 of the top bookmarking websites that give you quality backlinks to your websites.

This is not just any set of bookmarking websites. These are the creame of the crop, I personally have clicked 1,000's of URL's to select the best. The bookmarking websites get indexed real fast in Google. The bookmarking websites have also been selected for not having to type in any captchas so this makes it easy for creating accounts quickly.

  • You will receive a macro to create your accounts in the bookmarking sites.
  • You will also receive 2 additional macros to submit your content to the bookmarking sites.

The great thing about working with these macros is you have complete control over your posting if you wish to play around with them. It is not difficult to make changes.