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Hello fellow Warriors;

Whether you are a business owner, a marketing pro, or any other type of business builder, I know for a fact that the information in this book can easily drive traffic and put money in your pockets daily.

My name is Ed Chiasson

I have been on the Internet for quite some time now using my engineering skills and passion for testing different ways of driving traffic to websites to consistently gain new customers daily.

Along with driving traffic for myself I also consult under the radar for some of the giants in the lead generation business driving traffic for them.

Yes you can do the same.

As you continue to move down this page, you will see how important it is to get started right away with ordering a copy of eBay Alternatives Thanks...To Google.

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Allen Williams
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Ho Bing Lo
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"All I can think of to say is WOW!"

As a former Ebay Power Seller I found myself out of business one fine morning in April of 2004. Known only to Ebay they decided my products violated their listing policies including the ones in my Ebay Store.

I realized the fact I had been a power seller for two years and had 100% feedback selling the same products for those two years did not matter to Ebay.

In anger and desperation I jumped out and started a web site.

I only wish I had access to the quality of information that you provide in this eBook I could have saved myself a lot of time and money in the process.

Anyone who currently sells on Ebay already has most of the materials needed to move to or at least add the sites you provide in your book to their sales channel.

Thanks Again Ed, as always you have produced a fabulous product,

James Carden
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Sebastien Prince
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"looking to get back to the "good ole days" of eBay"

I must say that the information you provide in "eBay Alternatives Thanks to Google" is excellent and couldn't have come at a better time.

I believe that anyone that is looking to get back to the "good ole days" of eBay will be interested in what you are teaching.

Brett Shelite
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William Siebler
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Ed you are CRAZY giving all that information out like that,
you should take it off the internet, and keep it within the
the circle or something.

Haha Just joking, your report on
"eBay alternatives thanks to Google" is going to be an eye opener
to a lot of people who are selling on ebay. Thanks to your report
its going to be INSANE profits in 2009.

Regards, from your friend(Who's stuck on a small island in Asia)

Samuel Shaun Hamilton-Shimmen

One of the greatest phenomenons on the Internet today is eBay.

Depending on which side of the fence you are on, eBay historically has provided the buyer and seller many opportunities. Even old grandmothers who never used a computer know what eBay is all about.

A case in point...the traffic that eBay receives each day is approximately the same as how many people live in the United States. As you can see the sheer volume of traffic is where the opportunity is at.

Given these facts - for many eBay has become a way of life, important to their lives and businesses. They rely on eBay for their livelyhood entirely and could be wiped out with any new rule changes within eBay.

But more important lately many changes are occurring within eBay, many of them severely restrict the way you do business as a Internet Marketer on eBay.

Changes such as:

  • The constant changing of pricing, listing fees, raising of commissions

  • Forcing buyers and sellers through its own checkout system

  • Banning sellers from leaving negative feedback for buyers

  • Shipping limits in some categories

  • New seller standards DSRS – Detailed Seller Ratings with the warning get better ratings or ship out

3 Major changes that effect you as a Internet marketer
  • No digital download sales in eBay

  • No linking off eBay

  • eBay firing sellers from its affiliate program

And 2009 proves to be no different

This is not a bashing of eBay, many of these changes are probably for the better.
But they do affect YOU as a Internet Marketer, how you can operate using eBay.

Consider this for a moment...

Would you put all your eggs in one basket? Of course not!

For example, when eBay banned digital downloads this completely wrecked peoples businesses overnight, because they relied on eBay as their only place to sell their digital downloads.

In fact this is what you are doing if you think that eBay is the only game in town. If you get nothing out of what I am saying please consider this. You need to start diversifying your business. You need to start selling other places besides eBay.

Why? Because to grow, every business in the world including yours - you must:
  • Attract more customers...

  • Sell more things to those customers, more often

  • Increase the amount of money each customer spends on each purchase

Do these three, simple things and you can't help but grow.
Do them well and your growth will be explosive.

Look here!

Last year marked a turning point for the smaller auction sites. eBay alternatives are picking up more buyers because they are Google friendly and showing up high in the natural search results, including showing up in Google Shopping, Google Product Search and Google Base.

More specifically the reason this is happening is because Google is leveling the playing field for these eBay alternatives and ramping up Product Search. This results in more buyers finding seller listings for eBay alternatives on a regular basis.

Now is the time to take advantage of what I outline in
eBay Alternatives Thanks to Google.

The truth of the matter is rather than trade one marketplace for another, I am going to show you how to get the best of both worlds to attract more customers and sell more things to them.

It's now a reality, now is the time to get in on a very hot upwards trend that has little competition before the masses wakeup to the fact that eBay alternatives do work.

(Actual traffic graphs of some eBay Alternatives showing upward traffic trends of 2008)

Right now you are visualizing how awesome it will be when you increase your sales using eBay alternatives thanks to Google.

  • Imagine letting Google drive traffic to your listings without lifting a finger for SEO

  • Picture yourself in Google's product search and wildly profiting when you see your listings at the top of the organic search listings(Google gives preferential treatment to their own listings)

  • The down and dirty on what sites Google favors, and how you can use these sites to make a financial killing

  • The trick to promoting offers and websites, even if you're lazy and not too motivated for free!

  • The one thing you need to do for creating a list building tidal wave that never stops growing

  • You are going to love how this becomes a sales generating tool (Deceptively simple, yet so powerful!).

  • Gone are the ever changing fees that slowly erode your bottom line, listing fees are free and commissions are low

So you really have to choose...

  • Do you want to stop taking chances and avoid having all your eggs in one basket...

  • Do you want to take advantage of the free listings and low commissions with eBay alternatives while adding more money to your bottom line

  • Do you want to be part of a big change in Google getting in at the beginning of a trend

  • Do you just want to have money coming in from as many different places as possible

If the answer is YES!
Then don't wait another moment

Originally Posted by rbowen View Post
Why anybody would balk at spending a lousy $10USD to learn about other marketplaces - especially alternatives to eBay - that Google seems to favor, which in effect would help promote your site(s) - is beyond me.

I bought your WSO and it seems a good investment!



I want to get this into as many hands as possible
Everyone should diversify their business and price should not be a factor

If you are interested in dominating the Search Engines or Local Search for your business niche, quickly and easily.
Make sure to PM me to verify if I still have room to take on another client.

The rights of the package:

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