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Hi, my name is Ed Chiasson and I'm an Underground SEO consultant and researcher its my job to dig deep every day uncovering productive traffic resources, in fact my profession depends on it.

Every day I am out there in the trenches looking for that edge that will give me resources for generating traffic.

Along this journey I meet many people who either are just starting off, or have chased every next big thing to the point they are so confused and frustrated they want to give up. I feel for individuals that are in this situation.

The fact is being an Entrepreneur does not have to be that hard.

I am not going to sugar coat this as being easy because everyday as a Entrepreneur has its challenges. Many of the individual's you see today with these million dollar launches all started off small and worked real hard at it before they found a winning combination.

An interesting thing I have been finding along the way of my research and testing for traffic is I keep bumping into the same successful people frequently. This really intrigued me. As I dug deeper and deeper into this I found many of them have been playing magician.

What I mean by this is a Master Magician is trained to capture your attention while the slight of hand works without notice. In some instances some of this is done to throw you off the trail to your success.

The reason I'm writing to you today is to tell you that now there's a revolutionary new program that can teach you the insider secrets of a tried and true traffic generation method in no time at all.

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I just bought Ed's WSO. I've just read it and I can honestly say that's it's as good as it sounds. I've dabbled at this and had some success,

If you're wondering whether or not to buy, just go for it. You won't regret it!


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Hey Ed as ALWAYS you over delivered with this product/package. You simplified it so that I can use this to train my employees on what I need done and where to go to get it done.

I just wish I had your package sooner because it would have saved me from investing in some of those other products. I think your report was concise and not full of fluff.


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For all you warriors out there who are skeptical don't be. Ed happens to be one of those people (not many in the im world) that deliver. I have purchased numerous products from Ed and they are all top quality. I am looking forward to reading the manual and finding a reliable free source of traffic + income!

Thanks Ed,

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Hi Ed,

i want to thank you for an excellent, no-nonsense guide that outlines a complete system leaving nothing out. everything is exactly as you described.

thanks for a great wso... i highly recommend it to anyone looking for dynamite untapped free traffic sources... a real eye-opener.

much success, david

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OK just bought - sold on another one of Ed's products. Thanks

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Wow...Reading this I was really excited!! Who knows what Google will be doing in the years to come? It's always a good idea to get traffic from other places.

This program mixes something old with something new. It has worked in the past for eons and still does today, in fact after doing the research I think it may even get better and better with time.

It was this discovery that confirmed my suspicions about who I keep bumping into all the time.

What I am about to bust wide open for a traffic generation technique has been mention by everyone at least once in their Internet Marketing career so this is no secret.

When I do expose it you are going to be taken back.

Now before I expose what I have been writing about, I want you hold this thought of what I am about to say.


Every time you have heard anyone mention this traffic generation technique I am about to reveal I want to ask this question.

Has any of them...

laid out a step by step plan that takes you by the hand and lead you through all the necessary steps to build and operate a business using this traffic technique?

I also be willing to bet in almost all instances they don't know how to leverage this traffic technique this is why you don't see anything like this being offered.

And when I reveal the traffic generation technique and you say I know about this, I want you remember what I just said do you have a step by step plan to build and operate a business using this technique.

Well I do!

I offer the solution to what you know - but do not know how to leverage.

In my journey I found many things about this traffic generator.

One place I found you can siphon traffic, has over 10 million unique visitors monthly.

Another place I found, I couldn't believe was even in the market for this technique, which is not to far behind the 500 lb gorilla that is dominating the market for traffic.

All of these sources generate millions and millions of potential traffic to your sites.

I guess enough of the suspense... Drum Roll

The traffic generation technique





Yes you read it right its Free Online Classifieds.

Remember what I told you about what you know and don't know about leveraging this traffic.

There is serious traffic to be siphoned off these sites with little competition.

Don't believe me, does Craigslist come to mind how many people have made fortunes off just this one site.

The system that is in place is revolutionary, its simple to do, anyone can do it if they have the desire to work it and milk this traffic generation technique for everything its worth.

Everything is laid out for you, all the research has been done. No hunting around for sites on Google. Myself and a assistant hunted around, dug on the search engines page after page for the better sites. We weeded out all the dead sites, including a bonus list of another resource you can use to do similar.

You will be receiving a turnkey system where all you have to do is take what I have given you add a little creativity for writing your ads and you are off to the races.

If you are not much on creativity, you are even pointed to a reliable resource where you can get ideas.

You see people just love to shop on the Free Online Classifieds its the greatest convenience in the world. No need to spend all kinds of time in traffic. No need to fight crowds looking for something you need. From the research I have done I see it will only get better with time.

Best of all as a Internet Marketer, there is very little competition because very few people know how to leverage this traffic.

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I have been making a good living online using Free Classified sites so I know that they DO work. I couldn't resist purchasing this WSO to see what kind of a twist you might have put on it.


Brett Shelite
The HBB Advisor
Originally Posted by NoBoss View Post
Hi Ed....

Just wanted to add I did well with free Classifieds in mid 90s. Gained
a ton of good leads in private money mortgage biz.

Leads others were paying highly for. Your OP reminded me of this and
encourages me to reconsider something that worked so well.


Warning!! If you think this is a set and forget business, you are looking at the wrong business model.

This business requires work so if the four letter word work turns you off you need to find the next big thing promising you the lazy marketers dream some place else. You will not find this here with this traffic generation technique.

What I do promise you is I'm going to show you how to do it even faster and easier than I did.

  • You'll learn the most common mistakes made with this traffic resource ... and how to avoid them.
  • Even if your broke you can do this.

  • Even if you can't SEO yourself out of a paper bag you can do this.

  • If you can copy and paste this is for you.

  • Its a complete system

  • I show you how to do it step by step and I also include all the researched sites