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Ed, this is awesome because it cuts down on any thinking when it comes to doing KW research.

folks, when you hear all these WF posters saying they made XXX amount of dollars with 4 articles, this is why.

They either lucked across a hungry niche or they did extensive research.

This is a tool that makes niche research as brainless as possible...

Great find here, and extreme lifetime value, in my opinion.

Thanks for this,


Awesome tool when you know what to do with this info...

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the keyword list helps you DISCOVER niches - see what people who are searching for solutions actually search.
I got this printed out and I've discovered 2 gold mines already - it all depends on how well you put it to use.

By the way, Sparrow, the seller was a very honest guy to me - I didn't even expect such a treat!
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Thanks Sparrow

I read your post and "took action" straight away! I bought it, and with just a few test searches I can see the enormous potential in this product.

Cheers, Bruce

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Just purchased this last nigt. You can BET I'm gonna take action. Thats where the money is. ;-)

I had a look at this. The Niche TRIGGER words are the ones that are amazing! I can't wait to get started. LOTS and LOTS of potentials here, if you know how and where to take them.

Carefully selected words/phrases that convert, words that detect, words that trigger obscure niches to become visible... and in this list, we've picked 79 of the most influential words used by people for searching on the Internet.

These are terms you've actually heard in conversation, in the media or read in books and magazines, but mentally skipped over. Mainly because you did not understand how powerful they are for exposing your next revenue stream.

Words used By The World's "Movers and Shakers"in Internet Marketing.

These are the exact same words used by the Gurus of Internet Marketing.

Words that show what people are searching for NOW! - words that immediately bring them profits from low competitive niches.

Not enough people realize that the ability to identify a hot niche will determine to a great extent, the amount of money you will earn.

You'll know - beyond any doubt - the words in this list will produce the endless list of niches you never knew existed, best part is every month new niches are exposed.

Now Suppose You Knew The Secrets of the Gurus Of Internet Marketing, Information That's Easy To Act Upon – INSTANTLY all in one place just imagine what these secret niches could mean for you.

No matter what keyword tool you own. No matter what you read in the past. No matter what you have done previous. You now will always have the inside track with this list.

You now have a private treasure of secrets all of your own. Secrets never intended for the general public, you would cease to be a victim forever.

Overflowing with "underground" information you could never find on your own. Don't you think you deserve the very same advantages as the big guys.

But I don't want you to take my word for it.

Take a few seconds NOW to look at the how to market

Notice the exposed keywords and the searches associated with them
  • 2376 how to
  • 2222 how to make hair bows
  • 2004 how to tell if a guy is attracted to you
  • 1896 how to turn beer green
  • 1791 how to play soccer
  • 1713 how to find the volume
  • 1694 how to make a mojito
  • 1671 how to get licensed as a counselor il
  • 1678 how to tie scarves
  • 1666 how to cut roof rafters
  • 1654 how to write a reference
  • 1415 how to type on a pdf form
  • 1081 how to tie a tie
  • 1072 how to clean a penny
Honestly would you of thought about these niches that people are actually searching for.

Look at a few of these niches for how much competition actually exist and possible affiliate products.

how to make hair bows - look at the competition
  • 341,000 for how to make hair bows
  • 17,500 for "how to make hair bows" in quotes
  • affiliate programs for hair care products
how to tie scarves - look at the competition
  • 413,000 for how to tie scarves
  • 12,600 for "how to tie scraves" in quotes
  • affiliate programs for womens clothing products

how to cut roof rafters - look at the competition
  • 96,800 for how to cut roof rafters
  • 931 for "how to cut roof rafters” in quotes another wide open niche
  • affiliate programs for power tools
how to type on a pdf form - look at the competition
  • 22,800,000 for how to type on a PDF form
  • 136 for "how to type on a PDF form"in quotes, another wide open niche
  • affiliate programs for software
how to clean a penny - look at the competition
  • 9,630,000 for how to clean a penny
  • 1,950 for "how to clean a penny"in quotes
  • Did you know coins on eBay has the largest amount of transactions than any other category, lots of people looking for info about coins and its a wide open niche.
This is a tiny sample what these keyword triggers will turn up for you.

You've Read This Far - So I Suspect You May Be Interested

Since you have taken the time to read this much, I'm guessing I've piqued your interest and this isn't merely an idle curiosity on your part.

With this list of 79 keyword triggers you will be more confident, more secure of the knowledge on how to expose those little known niches and this is going to make many insiders real angry, showing you what they know.

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These secrets were never intended to reach your eyes...

Honestly have you seen this before secret keyword triggers that pry open the least known niches with the least amount of competition.

Some people just know how to work the system and your next in line if you choose to do so.

For obvious reasons, these 79 keyword triggers have never been advertised before. Nor will any insider reveal them because ... It's crystal clear

Exposing The Unspoken Secrets That Can Make Or Break Your business Will Have ...
  • the inside groupies all worried when you find out what they know ...
  • the competition panicking when you find out what they know ...
  • the select few praying you never get this in your hands ...
  • gurus never telling what they have been keeping from you...
To them, these keyword triggers are nothing but a walking, talking, source of income. 79 keyword triggers will turn the tables on these cheats by telling you all the secrets they don't want you to know.

Too bad for them. Wonderful for you.

I can honestly tell you that the 79 keyword triggers ultimate achievement is about leveraging any keyword tool to its max -- truly the finest, most valuable list ever published.