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Not long ago, I made the decision to find out what made the Search Engines tick.

Why am I telling you this? Simple when you do things that work, you see results.

When you spend your time on things that donít work or only get mediocre results you are only going in the wrong direction.

One day I came to realize if I was going to make this work I needed to separate out the B.S. for what works dominating a niche and getting all that free organic traffic that Search Engines provide. .

Coming from an Engineering background and having the passion to see how things ticked I needed to get to the bottom of this. Since cruising the internet and forums for answers where not getting me what I needed fast.

So, I tested over 7.5 million pages for 30 of the most super hyper-competitive keyword niches.

As I suspected the testing proved much of what floats around is half truths or just does not work period!

What does this mean for you?

If what you are doing is not producing the results, itís not your fault you are being fed the wrong and misleadig information. The odds of being successful without a proven method are not in your favor.

It all starts with working with a clearly defined system. Something you can setup easily and build upon.

Now that the testing is done and a system is in place, this now allows me to work with some of the some biggest under-the-radar lead generation giants in the business. The system has helped dominate many niches in as little as 10 weeks.

It can also do the same for you.

How powerful is this?

Here are some of the results that have been achieved using this system.
The rankings below were done in as little as 10 weeks and this was just one niche.

#1 out of 11,700,000
#1 out of 21,700,000
#1 out of 22,600,000
#1 out of 22,700,000
#1 out of 24,000,000
#1 out of 243,000,000
#1 out of 31,142,193
#2 out of 12,200,000
#2 out of 13,500,000
#2 out of 13,500,000
#2 out of 32,022,763
#3 out of 124,000,000
#3 out of 19,200,000
#4 out of 20,000,000
#5 out of 11,400,000
#5 out of 13,400,000
#5 out of 134,000,000
#5 out of 166,000,000
#6 out of 15,608,229
#6 out of 294,000,000
#7 out of 17,600,000
#7 out of 20,100,000
#7 out of 242,000,000
#7 out of 55,900,000
#9 out of 13,400,000
#10 out of 155,000,000
#10 out of 248,000,000
#10 out of 27,100,000

These are just some of the results achieved using the system I call Business In A Box.

First of all - you can do this!

  • Without a spending a fortune

  • Without having to spend hours testing, because we did it all for you

  • Works regardless of your experience

All you have to do is activate the system to get started.

This Business In A Box is designed to dominate niches.

The point Iím trying to make is our stuff works because everything is designed to get the maximum of attention by Google and the other search engines to your websites.

I have done all the work for you just plug it in and rinse and repeat.

Donít take my word for it read what others have said about the software and techniques in this package

"I think you'll be happy with the purchase. I am."

Hi Warriors,

I bought this and reviewed it quickly.

I'm not an seo expert by any means.

The second part of the report is very clever. I've not seen anyone lay it out just in this fashion before.

The first part of the report gets you indexed super fast by Google. And I don't see any reason it wouldn't work.

I think you'll be happy with the purchase.

I am.

Marlon Sanders

"a site that was dying started getting indexed like crazy"

Originally posted by markquinn

We actually partially did this without knowing what we were doing and a site that was dying started getting indexed like crazy.

Same with the bonus section. I knew about part of this, but not the whole map. If you get this and don't tell your friends...well, then you're not much of a friend are you. ;-)


"I have to say I am impressed"


Many thanks for the report. this is the first one I have ever brought and I have to say I am impressed. The Report has highlighted and trick I had not even thought about and the software does something I have been looking for for a while now.

The software worked a dream first time.


Clayton Lock
United Kingdom

"True to form... it is great!"

Originally posted by abundantliving

Hi Ed,

I've purchased 2 other packages from you and have been exceedingly impressed with the value of the information. So, of course, I just had to purchase this too. True to form... it is great!

Holly Cotter

"it's possibly the best package I've ever bought..."

Originally posted by John Coutts

Hi Ed,

it's possibly the best package I've ever bought. Thanks!

wondering whether or not it's worth getting...

excellent little utility that seriously simplifies the chore of collecting every possible keyword

even entering the annoying captcha is easy now

I love simplicity and the lack of complicated fuss

a huge comprehensive return of keyword value in the fastest possible time

In short - I think it's definitely worth getting!


"You truly don't need to know anything technical to get it up and running. Just plug it in"

Cherie Gordon of discount-digital-cameras.net

Thank you so much for the Slick WP Autoposter plugin.

It's sprinkled it's magic all over my blogs.

I've purchased other autofeed software before which has all been a nightmare to use so I was wary of yet another useless bit of merchandise gathering dust on my computer.

How wrong I was, Slick WP Autoposter is simplicity itself to use.

You truly don't need to know anything technical to get it up and running. Just plug it in, watch the very short, instruction videos (if you need to) and away you go.

I've got over 76 posts on just one of my blogs ready and waiting to go out at their allocated times- all done in 10 minutes.

Now I really can set 'em and forget 'em.

Thanks again Ed for delivering an awsome product.

Weíve got more testimonials just like these. But the fact is while youíre reading this Ė others are buying.

Hereís Exactly What Youíre Getting.

The following is 9 products I sell individually, you can see them here

Internet Tools For SEO

The combination of products are specifically designed to get your business set up and your webpages indexed fast and ranked quickly getting that traffic to your webpages as quick as possible so you can pitch what your selling immediately.

Everything is there for you, all the work and planning done for you.

All you have to do is plug the system in.
Once you setup your profit center itís a matter of rinse and repeat.

Business In A Box is setup to maximize the different segments of your business

  • Maximize Website Setup

  • Get All The Backlinks You Can Handle

  • Squeeze Out Every Profitable Keyword

  • Generate Content For Free All Approved By Google

  • Manage Your Website Progress and Opportunities, Including Spying On Google

  • Mini Site Generator For Additional Backlinks And Traffic Generation All On Autopilot

Here's Why Its Right For You

This is so discounted I am considering it a steal I have lowered the price of entry where this is a no brainer.

If your serious about your business this is a absolute must it is a cut above the rest this system has helped many.

To see individual sales pages go to Internet Tools For SEO

Here Is A Short Description What Business In A Box Holds For You.

I Come Clean Seo

The flagship product that shows you how to rev up the performance of your static websites and throw the blood in the water to get those search engines crawling and coming back frequently.

All by adding 2 simple files to your web pages and the secret sauce that makes the magic work. Without this your websites are hidden in the millions and millions of other websites on the web.

The Missing Piece To The Seo Jigsaw ...

This tool is so critical in building your business you would be insane to not have this tool installed, so stop wandering around not knowing how your website is performing.

This will answer who, how and why they visit your website, including a secret Google does not want you to know.

Something I have not seen built into any other tool out there.

Using this tool we have even seen people visit websites using keyword combinations that did not even exist on your webpages. Exposing you an opportunity to jump on that hungry crowd that otherwise would of been missed using traditional methods.

Combine this with the I Come Clean SEO product, you will have absolute control on how your website will perform getting Google and other important bots to come to your website while revealing their hand.

Including exposing those opportunities that are missed using traditional methods.

Loop Hole - Increases Amount Of Back Links By...

Learn how to squeeze every last backlink from one visit from High Pr and High Traffic Web 2.0 sites

Over 150 sites are listed where you can apply this technique all the work done for you.

Secret About Bookmarking Software

Bookmarking software is great for getting backlinks but a hidden secret exist that is not in favor.

Their software becomes such a pain to use they don't even post the missing step on their sites in fear that it will discourage you in using their tool effectively.

This video will show you how to overcome this issue with a free tool.

In fact its the solution to hitting home runs muliplying those backlinks while your competition is still on 1st base dealing with the bookmarking problem.

Google Less Than 3 Minutes Indexed And Ranked

This method is the gem that is only available to insiders.

The use of blognetworks is so effective using a very tiny handfull of blogs in the network, I took a new website was indexed and ranked in 3 minutes including traffic visiting it not long afterwards.

I don't promise this will happen to you, but it is very effective in doing its job.

You get the privilege of belonging to this elite group all without a monthly membership just be prepared to submit 2 wordpress blogs as part of the initiation.

Keyword extractor

Looking to find maximum amount of keywords for that next project.

Look no further using Free Word Tracker you can dig till your hearts content, collect those hidden keyword treasures very few people see and get the edge on your competition

NO MORE PLR . . . Google Approved

Forget about buying PLR material, let Google show you how to get your own without paying for it free

Blink Of An Eye

Need to make a change on those webpages no need to download and upload do it online extremely fast add or do search and replace in a blink of an eye, especially good for adding adsense or affiliate codes etc...

Put Your Wp Blogs Completely On Auto-Pilot

The Mini Site generator for blogs which drives traffic and creates backlinks for your business hands free

Today is your chance to steal Buisness In A Box at a deep discount.

This is what you would expect to pay if you bought all of these Internet Tools one at a time on a normal .

Loop Hole - Increases Amount Of Back Links By....... 19.97
Secret About Bookmarking Software ......................... 19.97
Blink Of An Eye ......................................................... 29.97
Keyword Extractor .................................................... 29.97
NO MORE PLR . . . Google Approved ..................... 37.00
I Come Clean SEO .................................................... 49.97
The Missing Piece To The Seo Jigsaw ........................ 49.97
Put Your Wp Blogs Completely On Auto-Pilot ........... 97.00
Google Less Than 3 Minutes Indexed And Ranked ... 250.00

TOTAL 583.82

Pick them all up for $233.52 a 60% discount.

Including 8 weeks one on one coaching you every step of the way using this system.

I will help you

  • Set this system up
  • Get your website indexed and ranked
  • Including seeing traffic coming to your pages

This is a $350.30 saving.

Each one of these Internet tools was originally created to run my business, get traffc and top rankings in Google.

Here is a chance to get them all in one place for a steal.

Here is what you need to do if this is for you.

This promotion is no longer available contact me at dxkindustries at yahoo.com for discussion

Bonus: Buy this package and be in on some secret software I have been working on for over 3 years and using only for myself. This is only available by invite only owning this package will qualify you to participate.

Refund Policy: With this Internet Tools Package, there is a strict refund policy, if you can't afford it don't buy it.

You must use this for 60 days, to even consider a refund, purchasers that buy and request a immediate refund are not welcome.

Due to the massive discount and all the pieces to run your business, if your not serious or a tire kicker this is not for you, the system works. I use this personally every day and many others do with success.

If you don't like the terms it's simple, don't buy this, move on and please go support somebody else.

If this package is to much money at this time you can still pick these Internet Tools at a permanent page

Internet Tools For SEO

Only if you purchase a product by itself I honor a satisfaction guarantee if you need to try out one of my products

The rights of the package:

Only for Personal use.

In case you do not understand this one, this is not for making sites to resell and sell the plugin along with it.

The plugin only belongs to you and not the buyer you are reselling the site to.

[NO] Can be used as web content can't offer the software itself as content, either to give away or resell
[NO] Can be broken down into articles again can't offer the software itself as content, either to give away or resell
[YES] Only for Personal use.
[NO] Can be added to paid membership sites
[NO] Can be offered through auction sites.
[NO] Can be sold
[NO] Can be packaged into an ebook or new product
[NO] Can be given away
[NO] Can be packaged
[NO] Can be offered as a bonus
[NO] Can be sold
[NO] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[NO] Can be packaged into an ebook or new product
[NO] Can sell Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can sell Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can be given away.
[NO] Can be packaged.
[NO] Can be offered as a bonus.
[NO] Can Be Edited Completely and Your Name Put on it.
[NO] Can be used as web content
[NO] Can be broken down into articles
[NO] Can be added to paid membership sites
[NO] Can be offered through auction sites.

P.S. If you are just interested in dominating the Search Engines or Local Search for your business niche, I am available for consulting or handling all of your SEO.

I can be reached at dxkindustries@yahoo.com for any questions regarding this.