Underground Seo Consultant... Reveals What He Has Been Sitting On For Years

A Strategy That Calls In Search Engines In The Super Hyper-Competitive Keyword Arena With Amazing Speed As A Result Of Testing Over 7.5 10.5 Million Pages In Over 30 Niches

My name is Ed Chiasson

I have been working on the internet since 1990 using one of the first browsers called Mosaic, the precusor to Netscape. I have a engineering background and a passion for finding out what makes search engines tick. I accomplish this by testing.

There is a whole group of people out there that repeat what is floating around about SEO that have never done any testing -- they just continue to pass information that either does not work or are half truths. Along with doing SEO for myself, I also consult under the radar for some of the giants in the lead generation business.

First, I'm not a marketer. I don't write good copy but I do know what it takes to get noticed by the search engines.

Second, because I have proven I am able to produce results I'm actually beginning a new partnership with a marketer, and we will use these exact techniques together, pairing my SEO with her marketing savvy to quickly dominate super hyper-competitive niches and local search results.


A well known Internet Marketer offered to buy me out and stop the PROMOTION so he could offer this product as an exclusive.

He's a great guy,but I still had to decline so I could come out of the underground with this powerful info.

I worked a JV deal with him instead.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)"

Thanks, Ed!

I've gone through your 55-page PDF.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)

(I wish I could say more, but I don't
want to reveal anything. Now I'm off
to implement this in various sites in
the next 20 minutes.)

Kind regards,
Manuel Viloria

"sheds light on how some gurus are doing such a great job"

A review:

This report is very powerful. It has a trick that makes you go "Duh!" if you had the pieces but didn't put them together, and "OH MY GOSH!" if you didn't have quite all the pieces.

It suddenly sheds light on how some gurus are doing such a great job and why our results "don't necessarily match" their results.

The BONUS by itself is worth it on its own. Anyone FRUSTRATED with their Web 2.0 results being less than they hoped???

Buy this just for the bonus.

Sarah Hurty

"its just 1 little GEM that only few people know"

Hi Ed,

Seems very interesting...

What programming skills, if any, does this technique require? That is, using either the report and/or the software... especially for one who may be techno-challenged.


The method requires 0% skills, its just 1 little GEM that only few people know. When I was at a lecture and were asked people how many used this method and we were like 500 people and only 2 raised their hands. The method is not exploited by people. But it is super easy and yet very effective. As I said you should buy it and try the method, it just works and it takes no time to implement it.

Hope that Helps..

"well worth the money from my point of view"

Thanks Ed

well worth the money from my point of view, not something that i had heard about and the bonus is excellent.

Hugh McGahern
United Kingdom

"totally outstanding, easy to impliment but it sure does get you ranked real high on google"


The method is totally outstanding, easy to impliment but it sure does get you ranked real high on google.

I recommend this ebook to all.
The methods are easy and yet very powerful specially the Bonus part. It is free traffic and free domination of google.


"I have to say I am impressed"


Many thanks for the report. this is the first one I have ever brought and I have to say I am impressed. The Report has highlighted and trick I had not even thought about and the software does something I have been looking for for a while now.

The software worked a dream first time.


Clayton Lock
United Kingdom

"your bonus technique really is an eye opener"

Wow Ed! You were right, your bonus technique really is an eye opener, definitely worth the price of admission!


David Bowersox

"very, very important for long term ranking success - and the traffic that comes along with it!"

Ed -

Just wanted to say thank you for a great report and script! This is something that every webmaster SHOULD be doing - but it's been overlooked in the mass rush to the "trendier' Web 2.0 tactics. This is solid info that every serious web marketer should have, and should be implementing - because, when done correctly as you clearly explain - this IS the fast and virtually permanent way to get REAL "Search Engine Love".

Easy to read - and easy to implement - but very, very important for long term ranking success - and the traffic that comes along with it!

Melody Wigdahl

Here Is What I Have To Offer You Today

I have made the decision to reveal what I have been sitting on for a few years, and now you're going to benefit from this.

I devised a strategy in the super hyper-competitive keyword arena that calls in search engines with amazing speed as a result of testing over 7.5 million pages in over 30 niches.

Here are some of the results I've achieved. I've worked for some of the biggest under-the-radar lead generation giants in the business, and my NDA doesn't allow me to show you the actual sites. I've achieved the rankings below in as little as 10 weeks just recently.

#1 out of 11,700,000
#1 out of 21,700,000
#1 out of 22,600,000
#1 out of 22,700,000
#1 out of 24,000,000
#1 out of 243,000,000
#1 out of 31,142,193
#2 out of 12,200,000
#2 out of 13,500,000
#2 out of 13,500,000
#2 out of 32,022,763
#3 out of 124,000,000
#3 out of 19,200,000
#4 out of 20,000,000
#5 out of 11,400,000
#5 out of 13,400,000
#5 out of 134,000,000
#5 out of 166,000,000
#6 out of 15,608,229
#6 out of 294,000,000
#7 out of 17,600,000
#7 out of 20,100,000
#7 out of 242,000,000
#7 out of 55,900,000
#9 out of 13,400,000
#10 out of 155,000,000
#10 out of 248,000,000
#10 out of 27,100,000

These are just some of the results achieved using this technique. Anything under 10 million for competition due to the countless amount of keywords I ranked for with ease was not reported.

This Is Achieveable In Any Niche

What has been discovered is truly a overlooked method for getting indexed and ranked in the search engines with surprising speed in any niche . It's not a "secret", but it definitely isn't what you would expect to be so crucial in getting results as a core strategy building webpages. Once you see this simple and overlooked method, you definitely will never build another webpage the same .

I've been using this little overlooked method for years now, and it's still something that I do all the time when building a website.

Now its your decision to grab some of those highly competitive spots in the Search Engine Rankings.

You will discover this PDF report has no fluff, will be concise and to the point. I don't believe in adding anything you don't need to achieve your goal.

To make the technique easier, Software was designed to do this with little effort. It is very easy to run software that assures results for this technique. The software requires no installation only an upload to your server and run a file.

All you have to do is go down below and click the BUY NOW Button

In This Report I Will Cover

  • How to make sure you have the two most important factors on webpages that all search engines first look when coming to your webpage

  • Discover the underlying technology behind why this method works as a core strategy and why the competition wants to prevent anyone from finding out by steering you in the wrong direction.

  • The single most effective method to gain the unfair advantage for getting the attention of search engines that even 99.9% of all the competition are clueless about this.
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Here's Why Its Right For You

  • Like a shot webpages are indexed with amazing speed
    some of my webpages have been Indexed and Ranked in as few as 3 minutes -- it doesn't happen all the time and I don't promise it will happen for you. But it's surprising how fast webpages will be indexed.

  • Anyone can do this, regardless of experience level

  • It is a core strategy to achieved many top rankings in any search engine.... for super hyper competitive keywords.

  • Free traffic happens with top rankings

  • Correctly built webpages for easy spidering

Here Is Some Questions You Might Have

You might be asking Why don't you keep this for yourself??

There's plenty of room to share what I do, it will also dispell many myths about SEO that have no testing behind what you hear.

Is 100% Legal
Is 100% Ethical


  • Without Using Adwords

  • Without Buying Expensive Backlinks

  • Is quicker and more powerful than Ezine Articles or Squidoo!

  • Doesn't Violate Any Site's Terms Of Service

  • Doesn't Involve Adsense

  • Doesn't Involve Myspace

  • Doesn't Involve Youtube

  • Doesn't Involve Craigslist

  • Doesn't Involve Ebay

  • Doesn't Involve Leads Of Any Sort

  • Anyone can do this, regardless of experience level, location, age, race, gender, personality, beliefs, etc.

  • I'll show you everything that you need to know to get started with this, and you can get started with this right away.

  • Can be very lucrative

Here Is What You Need To Do Right Now

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BONUS: I almost forgot to tell you, at the end of the report I include a BONUS , by itself would be the cost of this Offer, but you get the Software, Report and the BONUS in this Offer.

P.S. If you are just interested in dominating the Search Engines or Local Search for your business niche, this will help you do that quickly and easily.

Guarantee: If you're not satisfied with my report, I'll give you your money back, simple as that.