"How To Turn 100 Keywords
Into a
1393 Keyword Jackpot"

I started my search for a keyword list using Free Keyword Tracker for one of the most competitive markets out there MAKE MONEY.

After collecting over 800 keywords using the copy and paste method which included duplicates I said to myself there must be a better way to do this.

The recent phasing out of overture has greatly limited our choices for free keyword tools. Many of the free keyword tools were relying on overture for the engine to produce free keyword lists.

Well wordtracker stepped up to the plate providing us with their version of a free keyword tool personally I think they provide a better selection of keywords.

Problem WordTracker limits us in how we can collect the keywords.

  • The initial query only provides us a list of 100 keywords and no means to collect them other than the standard copy and paste

  • Drilling down for keyword combinations is very time consuming and cumbersome

  • Let us not forget they placed a captcha for every 10 searches

Well Problem Solved!

"it's possibly the best WSO I've ever bought..."

Originally posted by John Coutts

Hi Ed,

it's possibly the best WSO I've ever bought. Thanks!

wondering whether or not it's worth getting...

excellent little utility that seriously simplifies the chore of collecting every possible keyword

even entering the annoying captcha is easy now

I love simplicity and the lack of complicated fuss

a huge comprehensive return of keyword value in the fastest possible time

In short - I think it's definitely worth getting!


Just created this nifty little tool
To do almost all the work for you in a automated fashioned.

Download short video to see tool in action DEMO VIDEO

  • You will be able to collect and drill down every keyword including the search counts

  • All duplicates are removed automatically leaving you with a clean list of keywords.

  • I even streamlined how you can deal with the captcha so this becomes a minor issue

  • You can save in csv format when finished or abort and save when you want

As said earlier I manually collected over 800 keywords including duplicates using the copy and paste method.

So once finished keyword extractor was let loose

I could not believe I collected 1393 unique keywords for the make money market all with a few keyword strokes

  • By only entering the captcha information

  • No copy and paste

  • No keeping track which list I was working on while digging deeper for unique keyword combinations

Keyword Extractor automatically squeezed out every keyword combination effortless.

The list revealed many unique keyword combinations never seen before without Keyword Extractor I know would of been missed without this tool.

As John Reese recently coined its all about owning more of the Web.

Getting unique keyword combinations to create webpages will get you headed in that direction.

Here is what I have to offer you.

As a Bonus

I will also include the list of 1393 keywords for the Make Money Market, when you scan the list you will see keyword combinations that include youtube and several other social Web 2.0 terms something I have not seen before delivered by other free keyword tools.

So click the Buy Now Button for $29.97 and reveal those hidden gems which you have been missing using Free WordTracker.



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