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Let's take a short trip down memory lane about content creation.

A short time ago scraping content from search engines and web sites was the rage because it was working. But the search engines got smarter and today will eliminate your websites from the search engine listings easily.

Well people went back to writing their own content again. For some this took hours and hours to do. All that research and many just don't have the skills to write content from scratch.

Then Private Label Rights (PLR) material showed to save the day. This is where you purchase content written by ghost writers to add to your websites. This works some what but you are sharing the same content with others and you must modify it. Don't forget you have to buy this it does not come free.

The most recent twist to content creation is Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) this is the relationship of words in reference to the main keyword. As an example if we were talking about golf, additional keywords in your document would have occurrences for clubs, Tiger Woods, greens etc...

Now comes my method

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  • Not a well known technique
  • Generate unique LSI content exactly what Google wants

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    I thought about putting together a report explaining this content creation method, but instead a picture is worth a 1,000 words or should I say a video.

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  • Here Is Some Questions You Might Have

    You might be asking Why don't you keep this for yourself??

    There's plenty of room to share what I do, it will also dispel many myths about creating unique content is hard and time consuming.

    Is 100% Legal

    Is 100% Ethical


  • Anyone can do this, regardless of experience level, location, age, race, gender, personality, beliefs, etc.
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