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Many of you know me as the guy that works under the radar getting clients ranked in search engine markets that have super-hyper competitive keywords that seem impossible to attain high rankings.

I have a passion for finding out what makes search engines tick and devise strategies testing what Search Engines do.

With over 7.5 million pages in over 30 niches in testing a clear pattern evolves to get your web pages indexed and ranked in the Search Engines.

As a result my clients' websites doubled and tripled their profits with this data.

With the right knowledge and tools anyone can do this

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"True to form... it is great!"

Originally posted by abundantliving

Hi Ed,

I've purchased 2 other WSOs from you and have been exceedingly impressed with the value of the information. So, of course, I just had to purchase this too. True to form... it is great!

Holly Cotter

"Very nice peek into the world of tracking"

Originally posted by ecdavis


I have also finished reading this WSO and thought it was very good. Very nice peek into the world of tracking, why this is important, the kind of results that can be obtained and what to do with the information.




Many of you are confused how to go about getting high rankings in the search engines because of information overload.

It really is not as hard as you think.

There is only 3 things you need to do they are

  • URL Factors - Domain Name

  • On Page Factors - Optimize Webpage

  • Off Page Factors - Linking

That's it - pretty simple. But if it was this simple why all the confusion, shouldn't we all have those top rankings?

The answer is in how you deliver your content to the search engines. You see what I have discovered is another overlooked method that is very rarely mentioned at all.

It is so important it has become the core to my business I couldn't live without it at all it is that important.

I could disregard everything else and still get top rankings with what I have discovered. Further down I am going to expose what it is, but don't look for it now keep reading.

With all the testing I have done, much what has been found is not earth shattering news. When I expose what it is you're probably going to react with 'that's it!' In fact my experience has been people dismiss this every time I bring this up.

Along with this overlooked method the other secret is how you deliver content to the search engines this has a tremendous affect on how you get ranked. The content on your pages greatly affects rankings and what visitors see in the search engines.

But Ed, I write my content so its keyword rich and has all that LSI stuff included in it etc...

If it was only that simple why are you not getting those rankings then, confusing isn't. We have all the information available and still we are not capturing those top search rankings that drive traffic to our websites.

Before we get into this let me ask a question why do we even care if we get high rankings in Search Engines?

  • The most obvious reason, it is the way people go about finding information.

  • It brings potential customers to your websites.

  • It is a form of free advertising having your websites where people can see them.

Bottom line having high rankings in the search engines bring you traffic to make money.

So as you can see you can stand to lose a lot if you don't get those search engine rankings.

There is a solution for this; I am going to provide you a map in achieving this. I devised a strategy you can precisely change the way you generate traffic using the Search Engines using SEO and content with the missing ingredient.

This strategy will totally remove any confusion as to what steps to take to get top search engine rankings.

I am going to remove what I call Discombobulated SEO which means 'confusing or perplexing, cause to be unable to think clearly, thrown into confusion'

This is what has been spoon fed to you with today's SEO, the information overload about SEO is confusing and much of it is wrong as well.

I promise you I am going to remove that Discombobulated SEO and show you a path that will clearly define how you do your SEO in the future.

It all lies in a piece of software many of you know about. It is a piece of software if used properly will clear the fog in the delivery of your content to the search engines. Just because you have a hammer does not make you a carpenter, well the same applies here just because you have all your ducks inline for url factors, on page factors, off page factors and optimized content does not make you a SEO master. But with this software you are going to have the best chance in achieving this.

It all lies in your tracking software.

Not just any tracking software but tracking software that will help you in making those SEO decisions.

I consider this more important than anything I mentioned to you, in fact with this alone I could get those rankings many of you only dream about.


How the 2 most common pieces of tracking software out in the market today Awstats and Google Analytics, how they are robbing you of those high rankings.

They will never solve your problems for SEO they were designed for different reasons and will never meet the needs for SEO.

I see over and over people struggling to get top search engine rankings with the wrong tools. In almost all cases it is the lack of proper knowledge and the right tools to generate free organic traffic that high rankings in the search engines provide.

The report details why Awstats and Google Analytics will never meet the needs for proper SEO.

You must understand - if existing tracking software could deliver the power why would I want to reinvent the wheel. This is not the case of inventing a new tool it is about getting a job done.

There is only 3 pieces of information you need in order to make your SEO decisions. The tracking software you are familiar with fails to provide this to you in the proper format. Money is left on the table when you don't have that SEO edge with the existing programs.

Apply these 3 principles and this will change the way you SEO your business to profits forever and soon you will be dominating those Search Engine Results.


  • Like a shot WebPages are indexed with amazing speed
    some of my WebPages have been indexed in as few as 3 minutes -- it doesn't happen all the time and I don't promise it will happen for you. But it's surprising how fast WebPages will be indexed.

  • Anyone can do this, regardless of experience level

  • It is a core strategy to achieve many top rankings in any search engine.... for super hyper competitive keywords.

  • Free traffic happens with top rankings

  • Correctly built WebPages for easy spidering


You might be asking Why don't you keep this for yourself??

There's plenty of room to share what I do, it will also dispell many myths about SEO that have no testing behind what you hear.

Is 100% Legal

Is 100% Ethical


  • Anyone can do this, regardless of experience level, location, age, race, gender, personality, beliefs, etc.

  • I'll show you everything that you need to know to get started with this, and you can get started with this right away.

  • Can be very lucrative.


Click the Buy Now Button for $49.97

You will receive all the information You need to receive the report and software.

If you don't believe me try it out you have nothing to lose I Guarantee it no questions asked your leaving money on the table if your not using this.

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P.S. If you are just interested in dominating the Search Engines or Local Search for your business niche, this will help you do that quickly and easily.

Guarantee: If you're not satisfied with my report, I'll give you your money back, simple as that.