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Offline Goldmines

The popularity of generating quick cash working with offline businesses in the Warrior forum has just exploded every time a thread is started about making quick money with offline businesses.

Here is the subjects of the threads that have exploded

Offline Goldmine
Offline Goldmine without a website
A Stupidly Simple Cash Cow

Even a popular forum has been started that is buzzing daily about this topic

Local Biz Builders forum

The biggest problem with any businsess is getting traffic.

Bringing traffic to a offline business online is no different.

Here is a perfect complementary product for your offline business a report that outlines ways to getting more exposure.

Its a detail report over 80 pages no fluff just data, using free or paid sites that get millions of eyes that are specifically looking for information about local businesses.

Want to look like a hero to your offline business client and over deliver.

Impress them with all the places their business is going to be advertised with all the details of how many people use these places looking for businesses just like there's.

Best of all most of these online resources will not cost you one penny to advertise and get that badly needed exposure.

Many of the sites outlined in this report will get your business listed in prominent areas across the Web that many marketers traditionally have to pay for.

Using these sites as part of your overall marketing strategy increases your chances of getting listed within hundreds of authoritative sites increasing the possibilities of seeing traffic to your offline business websites.

Including your company information within the resources outlined in the report you can be ensured that your business name, address and site will appear within the majority of local/business listing services available to Web consumers.

These sites are quickly becoming one of the best places to advertise for your offline businesses.

This report is broken down into 5 categories with over 80 pages data about
  • Local Search Engines
  • Local Meta Crawlers
  • Business Data Providers
  • Local Social Networks
  • Internet Yellow Pages

Within each category each resource listing includes
  • information of the sites reach
  • demographics of site
  • who the site attracts typically
  • what a typical visitor is looking for information is included for
  • background information about the resource
  • top keywords driving traffic to this resource information included is
  • rank
  • estimated monthly traffic
  • breakdown of visits per month for site frequency
  • addicts
  • regulars
  • passers-by

Visitors to site are also broken down by
  • visits to categories and sites
  • people who visit resource site also likely to visit these other places
  • most likely to search the web using these keywords
Don't miss out on over delivering to your offline customers

Get this now,

The rights of the package:
[YES] Only for Personal use.
In case you do not understand this one,
this is not to resell or hand over in any file sharing site.
This only belongs to you
[NO] Can be used as web content
can't offer the software itself as content, either to give away or resell
[NO] again can't offer the software itself as content, either to give away or resell
[NO] Can be added to paid membership sites
[NO] Can be offered through auction sites.
[NO] Can be sold
[NO] Can be packaged into an ebook or new product
[NO] Can be given away
[NO] Can be packaged
[NO] Can be offered as a bonus
[NO] Can be sold
[NO] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[NO] Can sell Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights