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My name is Ed Chiasson. Having worked for decades with computers, software, the internet and SEO, I have many years of experience with the power of RSS feeds.

Several months ago, I thought of compiling some of this knowledge, so you could be more aware of all of the benefits of RSS.

I went through all my Rolodexes, contacts and data, and created this Directory which is more complete than anything similar ever published.

Colleagues of mine who are aware of all the rewards of RSS naturally told me I should charge a great deal for all this information which can have such a forceful effect on the profitability of your websites.

If you know me, you know I always tend to over-deliver, so I’m offering it as a marketing test to my fellow Warriors for a mere $10.

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However, as sales have been coming in, so have messages from so many Warriors saying:

Originally Posted by edwinc101 View Post
Thanks, Ed

I bought this RSS ebook and just finished scanning through all that's included.
It's a lot of profitable information for $10.
Once again, you've provided great value for your clients.
As a frequent buyer of your work, I highly recommend this along with all your other WSOs.

Edwin Copps

Originally Posted by Bakai View Post
Hi Ed, your "icomeclean" package has helped me make a lot of money with affiliate sales, this one looks just as good. Looked through the ebook, lots of valuable info. Can't wait to start "mashing"...


Originally Posted by onthenetdollars View Post
Hi Ed,

As always, I couldn't resist.
Thanks for saving me a bunch of time, but you let out all my secret mashing sites


Originally Posted by thunderbird View Post
Take advantage of this offer! It is really useful. Search engine rankings for my sites have improved dramatically. Everything I've purchased from Ed has been tops. Plus his support is the best of the best.
Originally Posted by alloo View Post
Ed is always ahead of the curve, with great timing. He can read our minds about what we will need. Thanks for this great resource!

Originally Posted by jem View Post
Excellent guide - would have taken me ages to find all those useful rss links!

I only had one third of the ping list on my wordpress blog so now I have triple the exposure with the list you provided, fantastic!


Here is what you get:

Mashups are all the rage, but what exactly are they and should we be creating and enabling them?

In a nutshell, a mashup is created from several data sources and services, mashing up (combining, stitching together) the sources and services to create something new, or add value in some way.

This is extremely powerful taking something old and making unique again.

18 mashup/mixers

You can never have enough places to ping in your wordpress blog, this is a quality list of the top ping services for a blog. Having such a extensive list gets the attention of all the web to your blog pages.

63 word press ping list

Just using ping services has accounted for countless of pages being indexed fast and ranked in the search engines. If you have pages that are not performing try out a ping service and watch the search engines take notice of your pages.

22 ping services

Get your blogs and website indexed almost immediately, it has been proven over and over submitting your RSS feeds to the feed directories/submission is one of the quickest ways to on your way in capturing top rankings in Google. Google just loves RSS feed directories

74 feed directories / feed submission

Create a feed verify it will work in your software, I use this all the time to verify datafeeds I create into RSS feeds for posting to my blogs automatically

10 feed validators

Firefox is one of the greatest browsers there is, one of the greates things about it is their plugins/addons and they have not forgotten about how important RSS feeds are.

8 RSS firefox plugin

Just about every RSS pluging ever created for word press gathered here for integration between your word press blog and RSS implementation in every form possible

97 RSS word press plugin

A few related plugins for unique needs

5 RSS related plugin

Want to know more about RSS, here is a few place showing you some tips and hacks

9 places for RSS tips and hacks

All kinds of tools to take RSS and transform or use it into something else

15 Miscellaneous RSS-related tools

Several different readers or aggregators as it is sometimes called for different operating systems, want to keep up what is going on in the RSS world whether its news or blogs being updated there is something here for everyone.

29 RSS readers

7 RSS readers - OS X

5 Linux readers

3 cross platform readers

26 Web based readers

This is the next big thing, be on the look out for expansion in this area mobile RSS readers, this niche is growing by the second, if your smart you should investigate everything you can to understand this blooming technology and RSS

10 mobile RSS readers

Want to track your RSS content via email these email converters are what you need

3 RSS to email converters

If your a RSS feed addict you are going to want to manage those feeds, the leaders of the pack for doing this are in this group

3 RSS managers


Ed Chiasson